The HK USP is the first HK pistol designed especially for American shooters. Features favored by U.S. law enforcement and military users provided the design criteria for the USP. The controls are uniquely influenced by such famous designs as the Government model 1911 pistol. All USP’s use a fiber reinforced polymer frame stiffened by stainless steel inserts at areas subject to stress and friction. The USP tactical is built for a rugged, dependable lifetime of service.

H&K USP V1 Semi Auto Pistol M704501-A5
.45 ACP
4.41″ Barrel
12 Round capacity
Manual safety
Locked breech
Modified Browning locking system
Buffer system reduces recoil
Integrated accessory rail
Fiberglass-reinforced polymer grip with metal inserts
3-Dot sights
Overall length 7.87″
5.55″ Tall
1.26″ Wide
6.34″ Sight radius
1.73 lbs Empty

UPC: 642230244818