The 9mm XD-E™ model sculpts Point & Shoot Ergonomics™ into a sleek polymer frame just an inch wide, for ideal hand and holster fit. The Low Effort Slide (L.E.S.) requires 27% less effort to manipulate compared to striker-fired handguns in the same class. Chambering a round has never been easier thanks to the hammer design, resulting in far fewer slipped pulls, and quicker, possibly life-saving operation when it counts. There are some tools so basic, you can’t imagine being without them. But even essential tools can be refined and improved. That’s the principle behind the new XD-E™: the best elements of the world-renowned XD® Series, condensed into a weapon so intuitive, comfortable and accurate, you can’t imagine being without it. The XD-E™ sculpts unmatched Point and Shoot Ergonomics™ into a sleek frame just an inch wide, for hand and holster fit so satisfying you’ll take it everywhere. The low-effort slide practically racks itself, so handling’s a pleasure. The exposed hammer clearly shows gun mode, and the single/double action trigger shows respect for your shooting style, unlike other compacts. Then there’s the grip: GripZone® provides active texture that matches your grasp like a handshake, improves stability, and feels incredible. This is the Every Day Carry Package which includes four magazines, three 6-round and one 7-round, notebook style gun case and a Tuff holster.

 TYPE:Semi-Auto Pistol
 ACTION:Double / Single Action
 STOCK/FRAME:Polymer Frame
 STOCK/GRIPS:Black Polymer
 WEIGHT:25 oz.
 # OF MAGS:4
 SIGHTS:FS:Fiber Optic/RS:LoPro Combat
 SAFETY:Ambi Thumb Saftey/Decocker
 ADDL INFO:Includes Four Magazines
 ADDL INFO:Inc. Concealed Carry Notebook
 ADDL INFO:Inc. Concealed Carry Holster

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