The Century Arms International C39v2 is an excellent American Made pistol that will satisfy any AK aficionados’ needs. It’s constructed using modern manufacturing processes with a 4140 ordnance steel milled receiver and a 4150 chrome moly steel barrel. The barrel is left hand threaded metric 14×1 TPI and has a Chevron style muzzle brake with standard AKM sights. This is a do it all firearm that is a fantastic tool for competition, recreational shooting and hunting. It features a first of its kind AK side mount scope rail that offers you a return to zero capability! The design gives you an improved clamping ability that is four times better than traditional side scope rail mounts and it will improve your sight acquisition for follow-up shots! Other features include and RAK-1 enhanced trigger group with a retaining plate, a heat treated bolt carrier and a bolt hold open notch on the safety. Equipped with Magpul MOE AK polymer furniture, it’s compatible with AKM furniture as well and accepts all standard AK-47 magazines. All 100% American Made with U.S. Made parts! Not all AK platform pistols are created equal, and the Century Arms International C39v2 is proof that some are definitely better than others.

Specifications and Features:
Century Arms International C39v2 HG3788-N
AK-47 Semi Automatic Pistol
30 Rounds
10.6″ Chrome Moly 4150 Threaded Barrel
Nitride Treated with 1:10 Twist
14×1 TPI, Left Hand Threads
Chevron Muzzle Brake
Milled 4140 Ordnance Steel Receiver
Side Rail Scope Mount with Return to Zero Capability
Standard AKM Sights
RAK-1 Enhanced Trigger Group
Retaining Plate
Heat Treated Bolt Carrier
Bolt Hold-Open Notch on Safety Selector
Large r T Shaped Magazine Catch
Accepts All Standard AK Mags
Magpul MOE AK Pistol Grip and Handguard
Compatible with AKM Furniture
Black Finish
Overall Length 20.5″
Weight 6.55 Pounds
100% American Made

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