The MKA1923 Bullpup is imported by EAA is the perfect multipurpose compact shotgun. It’s ideal for close quarters home defense or hunting hogs in heavy brush, but would also excel on the range in 3-Gun competition. This is a magazine fed, 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun that can pack a serious punch. It features a manual thumb safety, and easy to operate ergonomic controls inherent in the bullpup platform. You will be intuitively on target with the adjustable rear sight and compact design, or install a reflex optic on the picatinny top rail. It will effortlessly run 2-3/4″ and 3″ shotshells, and has a thick rubber buttplate to help absorb the recoil. This is the perfect shotgun for home defense, hunting and varmint control. The 3 Gun shooter will recognize the speed and efficiency of using this platform. Pick up a MKA-1923 today for hunting, home defense or to blow your competition out of the water!

Specifications and Features:
EAA MKA 1923 Bullpup 700060
Bullpup Semi Automatic Shotgun
12 gauge
20″ Barrel
3″ Chamber
5 Rounds
Adjustable Rear Sight
Picatinny Top Rail
Manual Thumb Safety
Removable Box Magazine
Synthetic Bullpup Stock with Rubber Buttplate
Overall Length: 29.5″
Black Finish

3 Choke Tubes: Cylinder, Modified, Full

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