Don’t have a MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle), but would like to get one?

Intimidated by all the terminology?

Stay tuned for a series of posts explaining simple MSR terms and functionality.

Today’s terms – “Charging Handle” and “Ejection Port Cover”

The charging handle on a MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle) is a manual mechanism which, when pulled completely back and released, loads a live round from the magazine into the chamber.

The “Ejection Port Cover” is a spring-loaded, snap-shut cover intended to minimize debris from entering the area where the cartridges are fed into the chamber.

Image “1” shows the location, and appearance of a closed ejection port cover.

Image “2” shows the “T” shaped charging handle.

Image “3” shows the operation of the charging handle, and the ejection port cover in the open position.

Whenever the ejection port cover is snapped shut, it will automatically flip open when the charging handle is pulled back. Pulling the charging handle completely back, and releasing it, will strip a live round from the magazine and load it into the chamber.

That’s it! Another two intimidating terms explained!

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