Buffalo Bore Ammunition is by far some of the best available on the market place today. High quality components made to exacting standards has given Buffalo Bore Ammunition a definitive edge over their competitors. In fact, Buffalo Bore Ammunition is ideal for defense, competition, and recreational shooting offering the same quality across calibers and uses. Take a look around the local competitive circuits and you will be sure to see Buffalo Bore Ammunition in action and in the winner circle.

.40 S&W
Buffalo Bore Barnes TAC-XP HP
125 Grains
Muzzle Velocity 1300 FPS
25 Yard Velocity 1202 FPS
50 Yard Velocity 1122
Muzzle Energy 469 Ft/LBS
25 Yard Energy 401 Ft/LBS
50 Yard Energy 349 Ft/LBS

651815023045 – ammo