The Beretta Nano is a fantastic choice for a concealed handgun and will become an essential part of your every day carry. This feature rich semi automatic pistol is built from the ground up to be reliable, accurate, and dependable concealed carry pistol. CHL and CCW permit holders will appreciate this easy to mange small framed pistol. It is not a matter of “if” you will need it, but “when”, and the Beretta Nano is a great one to have when the need arises.

Specifications and Features:
Beretta Nano Semi Automatic Pistol JMN9S65
Semi Automatic Pistol
9mm Luger
3″ Barrel
8 Rounds
3 Dot Low Profile Sights
Pink Polymer Frame
Matte Black Finish
Overall Length 5.63″
Overall Height 4.17″
Width .90″
Weight 19.8 Ounces

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