• 10mm
  • 15 Rounds
  • 3 magazines
  • 4.6″ Barrel

When looking for a pistol that is powerful, yet reliable, there is only one sound choice. The GLOCK 20 Gen4, with a magazine capacity of 15 rounds of powerful 10mm ammo, is the optimal balance of lightweight, concealable and controllable.
With the flexibility to mount your choice of a light or laser to the integrated rail, the GLOCK 20 Gen4 is capable of handling any environment.
The Gen4 pistols include a modular backstrap system that allows a shooter to tailor the rough textured grip of the pistol to their hand size for optimal ergonomics. GLOCK also introduced a reversible magazine catch on the Gen4 pistols to make it right- or left-hand accessible.
To tame the recoil of the powerful 10mm cartridge, GLOCK has introduced a dual recoil spring system that significantly increases the service life of the pistol.
GLOCK’s Safe Action System (SAS) is a fully automatic three-point mechanical safety system. Once the trigger is pulled, each point sequentially and independently disengages, and then reengages. Together, these mechanisms greatly guard against misfires without increasing resistance in the trigger pull.
Used by hunters, police officers and even elite military units operating in the Arctic, the GLOCK 20 Gen4 has all the features you need to be successful at targeting whatever you are aiming for.

Features and Specifications:
Glock 20 Gen4 P12050203
15 Round Magazine
Rough Texture Polymer
Barrel Length 4.6″
Standard GLOCK Sights
Trigger Pull 5.5 lbs
Striker Fired
GLOCK Safe Action
Length 8.03″
Height 5.47″
Width 1.27″
Weight 30.71 oz
Twist 9.84

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