• 9mm
  • SA/DA
  • 3.2″ BBL
  • 15 rounds
  • 2 magazines
  • decocker

The Beretta PX4 Storm has become a very popular choice for concealed carry and personal defense. This is a polymer framed double action/single action semi automatic with a unique rotary action short recoil operating system and a lower bore axis which combine to decrease muzzle flip and felt recoil. Accurate and reliable, the PX4 Storm features an external hammer, polymer frame with interchangeable back straps and a reversible magazine release.

This is the compact “G” model with decocker only, and is equipped with a 3.2″ barrel.

Beretta JXC9G21
9mm Luger
Rotary action short recoil semi automatic
Double/single action
3.2″ barrel
15 rounds capacity
Decocker only, no thumb safe
Polymer frame with interchangeable back straps
Accessory rail
Fixed night sights
Overall length 6.8″
Height 5″
Weight 27.3 oz
Matte black

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