Buffalo Bore ammunition is what you need if you are looking for serious performance. This 9mm is loaded with a +P+ load that has an incredible velocity of 1426 fps. All Buffalo Bore 9mm +P and +P+ ammunition is loaded with flash suppressed powder so you won’t be blinded if you have to drop the hammer in low light. Over 90% of all human shootings are in low light, so flashed suppressed powder can be a life saver as no one wants to be blind after they fire one shot in a real critical situation.

1400 fps muzzle velocity
1294 fps at 25 yards
1202 fps at 50 yards
500 ft/lbs muzzle energy
427 ft/lbs at 25 yards
369 ft/lbs at 50 yards
Uses: Personal Protection

651815024011 – 9mm centerfire ammunition