A powerful hunting load that stops game dead in its tracks! Originally designed to be the ultimate high performance law enforcement and self-defense handgun bullet, the 100% solid copper hollow point projectile also meets the critical requirement of stopping power for handgun hunting applications. The 100% solid copper bullet features a six petal hollow point specifically designed to deliver tight groups, superior expansion, and increased penetration over jacketed lead core bullets.

Best of all, the one piece design of the solid copper bullet delivers virtually 100% weight retention, even through some of the toughest bone and tissue structure of your favorite thin skinned, big game.

Muzzle velocity: 1296 fps.
Velocity at 50 yards: 1164 fps.
Velocity at 100 yards: 1067 fps.
Muzzle energy: 746 ft/lbs.
Energy at 50 yards: 602 ft/lbs.
Energy at 100 yards: 506 ft/lbs.
Uses: Deer, Medium game.

754908188819 – .44 Magnum centerfire ammunition