• 9mm
  • 6 rounds
  • 2 magazines
  • 3.25″ BBL
  • original box, manual, magazine floorplates

•Fully-automatic Safe-Action® System consists of (3) passive, independently operating mechanical safeties which sequentially disengage when trigger is pulled & automatically re-engage when trigger is released
•(3) Safeties: Trigger, Firing Pin & Drop
•Advanced barrel/slide surface treatment for max scratch & corrosion resistance
•Ergonomic, highly-resistant black polymer frame w/natural 108º angled grip design
•Hammerless, snag-free design
•Cold-hammered barrel w/low bore axis to increase accuracy by reducing recoil & muzzle rise
•Polygonal barrel rifling
•Loaded chamber Indicator
•Reversible mag release
•Quick field strip w/simple pin punch

764503002533 – pistols