*************** Dear American Citizen: *************
There exists an OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT recognizing, NOT GRANTING TO YOU, BUT RECOGNIZING YOUR INALIENABLE (meaning – “unable to be taken away from, or given away by, the possessor”) RIGHT TO OWN AND CARRY FIREARMS.
Not only is this right “unable to be taken away from you”, but as added confirmation carries with it a warning to the government that this right “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.
Dear American citizen, the American leadership (federal, state, local), who claim to work FOR the American people, AND SWEAR AN OATH TO —>UPHOLD<— AND DEFEND THIS OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT, is attempting to remove, and in some areas has successfully removed, your RIGHT!
PLEASE, PLEASE ask yourself this one simple question – “Why would they want to do this?”. Why do they feel so strongly about removing this particular right, the one that is “UNABLE TO BE TAKEN AWAY”, the one that “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED ” upon, and in so doing causes them to VIOLATE THEIR SWORN OATH TO DEFEND IT? Oh please ask your self WHY?
Is it because they want to keep you safe? If so, consider the attached statistics. If they are REALLY good people genuinely concerned with the safety and well being of the citizens, then shouldn’t their attention be focused on the TOP of the list rather than the bottom?
I IMPLORE YOU – PLEASE, PLEASE ask yourself again – “Why would they want to remove THIS particular right?”. Why do they feel so strongly about removing THIS right? The right that is BY DEFINITION “UNABLE TO BE TAKEN AWAY” and to even attempt such removal causes them to violate their SWORN oath to DEFEND your possession of this right? Why?
And finally, what will YOU do about it? You have three options: 1 – willingly hand it over to them, no fuss. 2 – Hand it over to them AFTER they threaten you with all kinds of nasty repercussions. 3 – Keep and PROTECT your INALIENABLE right especially from those people who didn’t give it to you in the first place, and have ABSOLUTELY NO AUTHORITY to remove it from you.
I ask you to give this question some serious thought because YOU WILL be forced to react in one of those three ways, and I’m afraid sooner than later! I hope I’m wrong.
Disclaimer – I have been called crazy, a moron, insane, etc. etc. So consider the above rantings as having come from someone with that reputation and react accordingly.
Cause of death statistics obtained from the CDC’s website:
Other “Cause of Death” statistics can be found here: