Double-duty for campsite or emergencies! This lantern is similar to a windproof and durable Dietz #30. Remove the top, add the special grill and use the aluminum plate or 12 oz cup to heat water, soup or a small meal. Easy to store, so you’ll always be prepared.

  • Great for patio cooking, camping or emergencies
  • Green lantern with chrome trim 12″H
  • 5/8″ flat wick
  • Burns K1 Kerosene

Anchor the lamp to the ground with the snap-on bottom bracket and holding pegs so lantern/stove won’t tip over. Great for patio cooking, camping or emergencies. Green lantern with chrome trim. 12″H, plate and cup 4-1/2″OD, 2 lb.

Lantern uses Dietz Little Wizard parts.